Topics of Interest

Contributions may describe original research, practical experiences, novel applications, and evaluation studies.
Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Modeling and profiling of personal, social and contextual information
  • User and community modeling
  • User profiling and preference elicitation
  • Social network analysis of online environments, community and user discovery
  • Personal ontology modeling
  • Context modeling and context identification
  • Reputation and trust models
  • Social knowledge modeling

  • Personal, social and context-aware computing and applications
  • Personalization and recommendations
  • Personal data management and computing
  • Information access and sharing techniques
  • Personalized mashups
  • Data management and organization in collaborative applications
  • Social reputation and recommendation systems
  • Online communities and social networking
  • Social computing
  • Reputation and trust management
  • Context-aware data management and processing
  • Privacy-aware computing
  • Intelligent browsing and navigation
  • Novel interfaces supporting user-generated content and social interaction
  • Evaluation methodologies and metrics

  • New database models and architectures
  • Personal and social databases
  • User-aware and context-aware data and query models
  • Data sharing and integration of access control policies
  • Adaptive database systems
  • Architectures for personalized privacy in databases
  • Multimodal ubiquitous environments
  • Context-aware system architectures