PersDB 2010 Program

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  Room: "Cardinal",
  392 Havelock Road, Singapore 169663.
9:00-9:30        Opening Remarks
9:30-10:30      Session 1: Personalized Information Access
Chair: Mohamed Mokbel
Personalization through Query Explanation and Document Adaptation     [abstract] [pdf] [presentation]
Anthony Ventresque - NTU Singapore,
Sylvie Cazalens - Universite de Nantes,
Thomas Cerqueus - Universite de Nantes,
Philippe Lamarre - Universite de Nantes,
Gabriella Pasi - Universita di Milano Bicocca
SQL QueRIE Recommendations: a query fragment-based approach     [abstract] [pdf] [presentation]
Jayad Akbarnejad - San Jose State University,
Magdalini Eirinaki - San Jose State University,
Suju Koshy - San Jose State University,
Duc On - San Jose State University,
Neoklis Polyzotis - UC Santa Cruz
10:30-11:00      Coffee Break
11:00-12:30      Panel: Social vs. Personal
[abstract] [presentation 1] [presentation 2] [presentation 3]
Tiziana Catarci (panel moderator), Universita di Roma ""La Sapienza"" - Italy,
Magdalini Eirinaki, San Jose State University - USA,
Zoltan Gyongyi, Stanford University - USA,
Carlo Meghini, CNR - Italy,
Mohamed Mokbel, University of Minnesota - USA
12:30-14:00      Lunch (Kiwi Lounge - Level 2)
14:00-15:30      Session 2: Personalization and the Semantic Web
Chair: Carlo Meghini
Re-ranking Web Service Search Results Under Diverse User Preferences     [abstract] [pdf] [presentation]
Dimitrios Skoutas - L3S Research Center,
Mohammad Alrifai - L3S Research Center,
Wolfgang Nejdl - L3S Research Center
Adapting Generic Web Structures with Semantic Web Technologies: A Cognitive Approach     [abstract] [pdf] [presentation]
Mario Belk - University of Cyprus,
Panagiotis Germanakos - University of Cyprus,
Nikos Tsianos - University of Athens,
Zacharias Lekkas - University of Athens,
Costas Mourlas - University of Athens
George Samaras - University of Cyprus
15:30-16:00      Coffee Break
16:00-17:00      Session 3: Evaluation Methodologies and Metrics
Chair: Magdalini Eirinaki
A Benchmark for Context Data Management in Mobile Context-aware Applications     [abstract] [pdf] [presentation]
Nadine Froehlich - University Basel,
Thorsten Moeller - University Basel,
Steven Rose - University Basel,
Heiko Schuldt - University Basel
Combining Preference Relations: Completeness and Consistency     [abstract] [pdf] [presentation]
Nicolas Spyratos - University of Paris South,
Carlo Meghini - CNR
17:00      PersDB 2010 Closing Remarks